Tesco's Supply Chain: Using Loyalty, Simplicity and Lean to Drive Growth.pdf

Tesco's Supply Chain: Using Loyalty, Simplicity and Lean to Drive Growth.pdf


This book explores how Tesco grew under a determined supply chain strategy to achieve their dominant UK and global position. It shows how Tesco's senior leadership made a simple, but game-changing, decision to focus the business on its customers rather than the conventional approach of "competing with our competitors". The understanding was deployed by building world-leading retail and supply chain operations that aim first to be effective in delivering what customers wanted and second efficient in performance and cost metrics. Examples include their rapid roll-out of store-based grocery home-delivery and the change of focus from out-of-town supermarket and hypermarket development to building a major network of "neighbourhood" convenience stores - Tesco Metro and Tesco Express stores. This ability to stay up-to-date now includes virtual, "omnichannel" access for customers. Barry and Robert look at Tesco's origins; lean thinking, loyalty and simplicity; the development of one of the best supply chains in the world; continuous improvement and current developments. Essential reading for anyone involved in supply chain management, this book debunks business myths and covers the 'how' rather than the 'what' and 'why' of Tesco's success.

Barry Evans' early career involved a variety of roles in Logistics/Distribution with Watney Mann, Rank Hovis McDougall and Royal Mail. This was followed by roles in Tesco plc including Lean Process Manager in Tesco Supply Chain Development. Barry's role was to understand Lean Thinking and develop ways in which it could be applied in Tesco. He joined the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff Business School as a Senior Research Associate. Robert Mason also has a business background, in the main a variety of roles with M&S. He is now a senior lecturer in Logistics and Operations Management section (LOM) at Cardiff Business School and has led many business research projects with Tesco as a partner.


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