ABC of Allergies.pdf

ABC of Allergies.pdf


The ABC of Allergies is a thorough and practical guide to the treatment and diagnosis of allergies. Now in its second edition, this fully revised and updated text contains information about all major allergies, including food allergies, adverse drug reactions, venom allergy, anaphylaxis and hay fever. Asthma, rhinitis and allergic skin and eye diseases are also covered in great depth and there are new chapters on latex allergy, allergy to local and general anaesthetic drugs and allergen immunotherapy. Written by internationally acclaimed experts, the ABC of Allergies will prove invaluable to general practitioners and practice nurses and will be a perfect reference for immunologists and basic scientists working in this area. It is also an ideal teaching resource.

Stephen R Durham, Professor of Allergy & Respiratory Medicine, National Heart & Lung Institute, Imperial College, London.

1. Good Allergy Practice. 2. The Epidemiology of Allergic Disease. 3. Diagnosing Allergy. 4. Pathogenic Mechanisms: A Rational Basis for Treatment. 5. Summer Hay Fever. 6. Perennial Rhinitis. 7. Allergic Eye Disease. 8. Asthma and Allergy. 9. Occupational Asthma. 10. Latex Allergy. 11. Avoiding Exposure to Indoor Allergens. 12. Allergy and the Skin. I-Urticaria. 13. Allergy and the Skin. II-Contact and Atopic Eczema. 14. Food Allergy. 15. Adverse Reactions to Drugs. 16. Allergy to Local and General Anaesthetic Drugs. 17. Venom Allergy. 18. Anaphylaxis. 19. Allergen Immunotherapy. 20. Allergy in General Practice


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