Process Modeling and Improvement for Business.pdf

Process Modeling and Improvement for Business.pdf


Regardless of whether a business delivers a product or service, that organization can improve their efficiency, achieve lower costs and higher quality by attending to the creation and improvement of the processes it uses to product their product. There are a variety of quantitative methods and tools available to help managers create or improve business and information processes within their organization, one of which is process modeling. This book discusses the various process modeling techniques and methods available to managers and introduces some modifications in them to help accommodate the fact that information processes associated with manufacturing and services applications require attention as well. Throughout the book, practical examples are given and worked out to aid in understanding the material presented. In the body of the text readers are assumed to have some basic familiarity with process performance terminology and block diagrams of process step sequences. Various appendices summarizing key concepts and tools are provided for those readers wishing to refresh their knowledge of these areas.

Kenneth Shaw Corvallis, OR, Retired Oregon State University.


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