Modern Animal Biotechnology.pdf

Modern Animal Biotechnology.pdf


MODERN ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY has been divided into 5 sections for the convenience of finding the subject of choice and need. Each Section has 5 or more chapters written by authors all across the globe. This book contains advance chapters from biosafety to stem cells. gene therapy of genetic disorders to intellectual property right, generally modified food to bioinformatics. All these chapters are well illustrated with tables and figures for better grasp of the subject along with enough subject contents to write any UG and PG exams in the area of animal biotechnology as covered by different institutions in India and abroad.

Ashish Swarup Verma / Anchal Singh.: Department of Biotechnology Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University, Noida

Essentials of Animal Biotechnology: Hybridoma Technology / Aniaml Cell Culture / Genetic Engineering and Transgenic Animal Model for biomedical Research / Quantitative Analysis of Brain Gene Expression / Genome Sequencing and Analysis / Biosafey Levels / Tools of Anima Biotechnology: Molecular Markers and their Advances in Genetic Analysis of Laboratory Animals / Development and Exploitation of Animal Model to Understand pathogenesis of infectious diseases / Stem Cell / Ribotyping an important tool for microbial taxonomy / CAM Assay as a model for angiogenesis / Electrophysiology and Animal Tissue Engineering / ADME / Concepts of Tissue Engineering / Nanobiotechnology and its Applications / Proteomics and its Applications / Applications of Animal Biotechnology: Immunodiagnosis of filariasis / Biomedical Applications of Genetically Modified and Cloned Animals / Drosophila Rosetta for Studying Genetics and Development / Immunbiotechnology / Gene Therapy / Role of Animal Biotechnology in Human Health: HIV / Utility of Mouse Tumor Xenograft Model, Discovery and Development of Novel Therapeutics against Cancer Stem Cells / Role of Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics in Medicine / Clinico-molecular Approaches for Detection of HPV / Human DNA Tumor Viruses and Oncogenesis / Concerns of Animal Biotechnology: Safety Assessment of Genetically Modified Crop Derived Food / Ethical Issues in Animal Biotechnology / Ethics in Biotehnology / IPR / Ethnobotanical Wisdom and Search for New Drugs: Opportunities and Challenges.


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