Ethics in Tissue Establishments.pdf

Ethics in Tissue Establishments.pdf


At present, the international community cannot be assured that the quality and, in particular the safety of tissues for transplants, is properly guaranteed in all countries and regions. Shortcomings of international and regional ethical rules and standards in the field of tissue banking, the lack of national ethical rules and standards in force in several countries, the lack of proper regulatory oversight and overall lack of harmonisation of existing ethical rules and standards, contribute to the problem.This book addresses the issues by promoting the adoption of an ethical policy and the use of a model code of ethics and a model code of practice as a reference for the tissue banking community, government agencies and policy-makers worldwide. This will facilitate the use of tissue processed in one country in any other country that needs it with the additional assurance of quality and safety that is lacking presently.

General Overview; The Importance of Ethics in the Field of Human Tissue Banking; A Model Code of Ethics for Tissue Establishment; The Importance of a Code of Practice for Tissue Establishment; A Model Code of Ethics for Tissue Establishment; The Role of Governments, the World Health Organisation, The International Atomic Energy Agency and Regional Professional Associations in the Promotion of Ethics and Best Practice in Tissue Banking; Conclusion;


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