Home Workshop Jigs and Fixtures: Shop Proven.pdf

Home Workshop Jigs and Fixtures: Shop Proven.pdf


With over 170 colour photographs, 120 plans and graphs, and clear, straightforward text, this book offers woodworkers a golden opportunity to take their shop and skills to the next level with a full-range of scrap-wood problem-solving projects. You will have the ability to make every machine and portable power tool better and safer to use. The projects include jigs for cutting splines and box joints at the tablesaw, a dead-accurate tablesaw jig, a multi-function drill-press table, bandsaw resaw jig, several go-to router jigs, a circular saw plywood guide, and so much more. For the most part, the jigs and fixtures are made from materials lying around the shop. Some store-bought hardware may be needed for the construction. In many instances, you will find yourself using some of the key jigs and fixtures again and again. When it comes to machining wood safely and precisely, you will find this incredibly useful guide earning its keep in your shop from day one!

A lifelong woodworker, Jim Harrolds experience in books and magazines spans 34 years. He has served as the executive editor and editor of some of the top woodworking magazines in the world. And when hes not at his desk writing or editing woodworking stories, hes in his shop designing and building projects, and, in general, making sawdust.


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