Groupwork Practice for Social Workers.pdf

Groupwork Practice for Social Workers.pdf


Working with families, carers, groups and communities is something all social work students must prepare for. Written to guide them through these varied and complex groupwork situations, this book explores the knowledge, skills and values required for groupwork practice. Divided into two parts, the first provides students with an understanding of groupwork, its concepts and contexts, while the second takes the student step-by-step through groupwork practice, from planning and preparation, to starting out, facilitating and finally ending work with a group.

Karin Crawford is a Principal Teaching Fellow in the School of Health and Social Care and Director of Teaching and Learning for the Faculty of Health, Life and Social Sciences at the University of Lincoln.

Groupwork in context Introducing groupwork The context of groupwork Understanding groupwork Groupwork practice Planning and preparation Setting up and starting out Facilitating - methods and techniques Closure and endings - what next? Enhancing group work practice


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