Teaching Communication and Media Studies: Pedgagogy and Practice.pdf

Teaching Communication and Media Studies: Pedgagogy and Practice.pdf


Designed for communication/media educators and graduate students, Teaching Communication and Media Studies is a practical and conceptual guide to teaching university courses in communication and media studies. Relying on her extensive experience instructing graduate students on the ins and outs of teaching, Jan Fernback discusses theoretical and applied topics central to contemporary mediated communication instruction, offering instructors at all levels strategies they can use to create a successful classroom experience. Fernback also considers the logic, design and delivery of courses in communication and media studies, while encouraging readers to reflect on their own strategic pedagogical decisions. Supplemented with interviews of successful communication instructors and sample exercises, this book is a must-have resource for all those teaching communication and media studies courses, regardless of level of experience.

Jan Fernback is Associate Professor of Media Studies at Temple University. She created a communication pedagogy curriculum for PhD students at Temple University, and her current work examines issues of privacy and surveillance online and in mobile technologies, the impact of information/communication technologies on urban revitalization efforts, institutional uses of ICTs, and the meaning of virtual community in contemporary culture.

1. Teaching Communication and Media Studies: Introduction 2. The 'Why' Before the 'How': Teaching Philosophy 3. Technology and Media/Communication Pedagogy 4. Categorizing Thinking, Organizing Learning 5. Goals and Assessment for Media & Communication Courses 6. Instructional Design: Mapping Media/Communication Courses 7. Ways of Learning in Communication/Media 8. Ethics and Citizenship in Teaching Communication


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