The Epic Cinema of Kumar Shahani.pdf

The Epic Cinema of Kumar Shahani.pdf


The Epic Cinema of Kumar Shahani examines the major works of leading Indian film director Kumar Shahani and explores the reaches of modernist film aesthetics in its international form. More than an auteur study, Laleen Jayamanne approaches Shahani's oeuvre conceptually, as films that reveal cinema's synesthetic capabilities. As the author illustrates, Shahani's cinematic project entails a modern reformulation of the ancient oral tradition of epic narration and performance in order to address the contemporary world, establishing a new cinematic expression. As evidenced by his films, constructing cinematic history entails more than an archival project of retrieval and is a living history of the present, which can intervene in the current moment through sensory experiences.

"It is a rare gift of intuition and understanding for a scholar to bestow on the artist who is her object of study the same beauty and elegance of expression that attracted her to the artist s work in the first place. Such is the gift that Laleen Jayamanne has bestowed on the oeuvre of Indian filmmaker, Kumar Shahani." Sumita Chakravarty, The New School"

Laleen Jayamanne teaches Cinema Studies in the Department of Art History and Film Studies at the University of Sydney. She is the author of Toward Cinema and Its Double: Cross-Cultural Mimesis (IUP, 2001).


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