The Nurse, the Math, the Meds: Drug Calculations Using Dimensional Analysis.pdf

The Nurse, the Math, the Meds: Drug Calculations Using Dimensional Analysis.pdf


Use the simplicity of the dimensional analysis method to minimize drug calculation errors! The Nurse, The Math, The Meds, 2nd Edition helps you overcome any math anxiety you may have by clearly explaining how to use the dimensional analysis method. It shows how to analyze practice problems, find the reasonable answer, and then evaluate it. But first, it lets you refresh your math skills with a review of essential math. Written by noted nursing educator Joyce Mulholland, this book offers over 1,400 questions for plenty of practice in mastering math concepts and learning dosage calculations.

PART I: MATH REVIEW FOR MEDICATION CALCULATIONS Math Self-Assessment 1. Math Review 2. Dimensional Analysis Method PART II: MODERN METRIC SYSTEM AND MEDICATION CALCULATIONS 3. Measurement Units and Conversions 4. Patient Records, Medication Orders, and Medication Labels PART III: RECONSTITUTED MEDICATIONS 5. Oral Medications 6. Syringe Measurements 7. Reconstitution of Medications PART IV: PARENTERAL MEDICATIONS 8. Injectable Medications 9. Basic Intravenous Calculations 10. Advanced Intravenous Calculations PART V: COMMON HIGH-ALERT MEDICATIONS 11. Diabetic Medications 12. Anticoagulant Medications PART VI: MEDICATIONS FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN 13. Pediatric Medications Comprehensive Final Practice Appendix A: TJC Do Not Use List Appendix B: ISMP List of High-Alert Medications Appendix C: 5-Minute Sample Verbal Communication Hand-Off Report Appendix D: Sample Medication Error Chart with Implications Appendix E: Apothecary System Measurements Index


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