For little girls who love Ladybug Girl and Fancy Nancy, here’s the perfect story to share on any day you’re filled with love!

“Today I am Superlove! There will be love, a wedding, and happily ever after.”

So begins the day of one young girl who decides to stage a wedding between her stuffed animal, Mr. Mittens, and Pinky—her cat. Pinky is less than thrilled with the idea, even when Superlove dresses up as the flower girl and arranges some practice weddings between her other stuffed animals. Will Superlove get Pinky out of the tree in time to be the blushing bride? Or will she come up with another way to save the day?

Charise Mericle Harper is the author and illustrator of many charming picture books, including Go! Go! Go! Stop!, Cupcake, Pink Me Up, and When Randolph Turned Rotten. She is also the author of the Just Grace books and the Bean Dog and Nugget and Fashion Kitty graphic novels. Charise lives in Westchester County, New York. She is filled with super love for her family and her pets. You can visit her on the Web at

Mark Chambers is an award-winning picture-book illustrator who lives in the United Kingdom. He likes to tweet, super-loves tea and cake, and shares his studio with a giant prawn, a lobster, and a pig called Pudding!


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