The Relationalact: Personalizing Medicine.pdf

The Relationalact: Personalizing Medicine.pdf


In this book, we present a novel framework of high-tech modern medicine. Patients going through major high-tech medical interventions, e.g. Advanced Heart Failure (AdHF) patients undergoing left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implantation and heart transplantation, must integrate scientific and technological advances into personal life, including strong emotional experiences unthinkable thirty years ago, novel to themselves and their caregivers and unknown to physicians. Our book provides a theoretical framework for the patient-centered vision to "heal humankind by improving health, alleviating suffering and delivering acts of kindness, one person at a time". In the book, we develop the theoretical as well as practical concept of the "RelationalAct (RA)" as core concept to engage and participate in modern medicine.

When Forces Meet - The Healthcare Encounter: Status Quo - Are We Missing Something in Medicine?; Treasure Hunt - Do We Have Reliable Starting Points for Change?; The Person - May We Introduce "You", "Me", "Us" and the Relationalact?; Putting Personalized Medicine to Work: Health & Illness Encounter: Can We Please Feel and Act as Persons?; Health Education Encounter: Can We Please Welcome the Person in Medical School?; Medical Research Encounter: Can We Please Accept the Person in Biomedical Science?; Creative Steps - How Can We Put the Relationalact to Work?; The Relationalact Beyond Medicine: Was the "Person" Not Always Part of Philosophy?; Is the "Person" Not Everywhere in Society?.


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