The Why of the Buy: Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing.pdf

The Why of the Buy: Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing.pdf


Consumer behavior affects the fashion industry-in design, production, merchandising and promotion at all levels-as much as it affects retailing. The Second Edition of Why of the Buy: Consumer Behavior and Fashion Marketing continues to address how psychology, sociology, and culture all influence the how, what, when, where, and why of the buy. The unifying element of this text is its presentation of current knowledge of consumer behavior applied to the fields of fashion and design in an enthusiastic and relevant way that will attract and engage students. New to this Edition - New Chapter 11, Social Media and the Fashion Consumer, explores how the relationship between marketers, retailers, and consumers is aided by social media and the internet - Expanded and updated coverage of technology, ethics, and social responsibility related to consumer behavior - Chapter mini-projects offer an opportunity to apply chapter concepts to a realistic fashion setting - Newly updated Case in Point and Point of View sidebars spotlight current examples of consumer behavior or consumer-driven marketing concepts in real-life situations - More than 20% new photographs in full color

"... if you LOVE fashion, you want a fashion focus which is the strength of Fairchild. If you require a Fairchild book you know you have a fashion focus." -- Deborah Fowler, Texas Tech, USA The Why of the Buy is the only text that focuses primarily on the fashion consumer in depth. -- Wanda Dooley, Wood Tobe-Coburn, USA The book covers consumer behavior theory specifically in the context of the fashion industry. -- Patricia Warrington, Texas Christian University, USA

Patricia Mink Rath is a consultant in fashion, marketing education, and consumer behavior. She is the author of a number of college texts and has taught courses such as Introduction to Fashion Merchandising, Retail Management, Buying, and Consumer Behavior. Her professional experience in fashion includes management in retailing and wholesaling in Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco. Stefani Bay, M.A. is an Associate Professor at The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, USA, where she teaches Global Marketing and Entrepreneurship. She is co-author of The Why of the Buy and In an Influential Fashion: An Encyclopedia of 19th & 20th Century Designers and Retailers Who Transformed Dress (Greenwood Publishing). Her background includes the 10-year ownership and operation of a chain of retail stores and multi-level marketing company as well as an engagement as Director of Public Relations for several well-known restaurant chains. Richard Petrizzi is an Associate Professor in the Marketing / Management department at The Illinois Institute of Art - Chicago. Penny Gill is a writer and marketing communications consultant, and president of PWG Communications Inc., based in White Plains, NY. Gill has co-authored three textbooks on fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, and consumer behavior in fashion, as well as contributing new material and chapter rewrites for revised editions of several other fashion/retailing textbooks. In addition, she has developed and implemented marketing communications/public relations programs for companies including Du Pont (Textile Fibers division), F. Schumacher, Fisher-Price, National Retail Federation, and 3M's DIY division. Her work on press materials and a fashion show for the grand opening at a major mall in Nanuet, NY, won the Clarion Award, Gold Commendation, from Women In Communications, Inc., Westchester Chapter.

Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: We Are All Consumers Chapter 1 Why Is Consumer Behavior Important to the Fields of Fashion and Design? Chapter 2 Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Fashion: A Working Relationship Part II: Internal Factors Influence Fashion Consumers Chapter 3 How Fashion Consumers Perceive, Learn, and Remember Chapter 4 Motivation and the Fashion Consumer Chapter 5 Attitude and the Fashion Consumer Chapter 6 Personality and the Fashion Consumer Part III: External Factors Influence Fashion Consumers Chapter 7 Age, Family, and Life Cycle Influences Chapter 8 Social Influences on Fashion Consumers Chapter 9 Demographics, Psychographics, and the Fashion Consumer Part IV: How Fashion Marketers Communicate and Consumers Decide Chapter 10 How Marketers Obtain and Use Consumer Information Chapter 11 Social Media and the Fashion Consumer Chapter 12 Consumer Decision Making Chapter 13 How Fashion Consumers Buy Chapter 14 Global Consumers of Fashion and Design Part V: Fashion Consumers and Responsible Citizenship Chapter 15 How Ethics and Social Responsibility Impact Consumer Behavior Chapter 16 The Role of Government for Fashion Consumers Glossary Credits Index


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