Across A Deadly Field - The War in the East.pdf

Across A Deadly Field - The War in the East.pdf


This supplement for Across A Deadly Field includes a number of scenarios of differing size and complexity, intended to give players a wide variety of options for their American Civil War games. The scenarios cover a number of the most famous battles of the Eastern Theater, including 1st Bull Run, Antietam, Chancellorsville, Brandy Station and Gettysburg, and offer both modestly sized and larger battles to the player. The smaller scenarios focus not only on smaller battles, but also on engagements within a larger encounter, while the larger scenarios present a wider view of a battle. For example, Antietam offers the three distinct corps-level actions in the north, center and the south at Burnside's Bridge, as well as the full battle. This offers Across A Deadly Field players a versatility that can accommodate their preferences and collections without sacrificing either playability of historical accuracy.

In the field of tactical wargame designs, few designers have had as much impact as John Hill. In the 1970s, John started his own company to design and publish tactical and operational games that broke from traditional wargame mechanics. Realizing that he preferred designing wargames over running a business, John sold the company and became a freelance wargame designer. From then on, his designs for Avalon Hill, SPI, SDC and others became noted for their innovative approaches to simulating unique tactical situations. In 1977, John designed Squad Leader for Avalon Hill.The first freelance wargame designer inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame, John is perhaps best known for his Johnny Reb rules for the American Civil War. In the 1980s, John's flair for innovative tactical simulation brought him to the attention of the Government's Defense and Intelligence communities and, for the next 16 years, he worked as a senior military analyst. Following a final four year tour at Los Alamos National Laboratory, John retired from government work and returned to gaming, updating and republishing many of his older designs and, once again, exploring new directions in tactical simulation. The author lives in Santa Fe, NM.

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