Go Veggie!: The Simple 30-Day Guide to Becoming a Healthy Vegetarian.pdf

Go Veggie!: The Simple 30-Day Guide to Becoming a Healthy Vegetarian.pdf


DISCOVER THE EASY AND SATISFYING WAY TO ACHIEVE A HEALTHFUL, MEAT-FREE, CRUELTY-FREE LIFE IN JUST 30 DAYS! Going vegetarian is a lifestyle change that millions strive for. But it isn't as simple as "eat this and not that." Such a radical lifestyle change can be daunting in the face of a culture and food industry based on eating animals. How does one get the necessary protein and nutrition without eating meat? How can one enjoy delicious, fulfilling meals when the main course has lost its primary ingredient? This helpful guide will answer readers' every question and concern about going vegetarian. More importantly, it offers a step-by-step, 30-day course that helps readers navigate the tough spots and reach their goal without suffering along the way. Meal plans that gradually wean one off a meat-based diet, recipes for foods that are not only delicious but packed with essential nutrients, tips on how to deal with ordering at restaurants, and even strategies for making holiday dinners that are normally turkey-centric are all in the book. Written by Trudy Slabosz, a popular blogger and longtime vegetarian, "Go Veggie!" will inspire readers and shows that going veg is going to be great!

Trudy Slabosz is the creator of the super-popular vegetarian blog "Veggie Num Num." She has been a vegetarian for 14 years and absolutely adores vegetarian food, cooking and most importantly eating. Vegetarianism has had a profoundly positive effect on her life and her aim is to share just how easy, healthy, and delicious being a vegetarian can be. She lives and cooks in South-east Queensland, Australia, with her wonderful husband, Cam, amazing daughter, Luella, and fat tabby cat, Ludo.


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