Boundaries of Journalism: Professionalism, Practices and Participation.pdf

Boundaries of Journalism: Professionalism, Practices and Participation.pdf


The concept of boundaries has become a central theme in the study of journalism. In recent years, the decline of legacy news organizations and the rise of new interactive media tools have thrust such questions as "what is journalism" and "who is a journalist" into the limelight. Struggles over journalism are often struggles over boundaries. These symbolic contests for control over definition also mark a material struggle over resources. In short: boundaries have consequences. Yet there is a lack of conceptual cohesiveness in what scholars mean by the term "boundaries" or in how we should think about specific boundaries of journalism. This book addresses boundaries head-on by bringing together a global array of authors asking similar questions about boundaries and journalism from a diverse range of perspectives, methodologies, and theoretical backgrounds. Boundaries of Journalism assembles the most current research on this topic in one place, thus providing a touchstone for future research within communication, media and journalism studies on journalism and its boundaries.

Part I: Professionalism and Boundaries, Past and Present 1. Early-Modern Journalism and Its Boundaries: Between Theory and Belief 2. The Boundaries of Genres: Print versus Online and the Professionalization of Soft News 3. Internal Boundaries: The Rise of New Professional Hierarchies in Journalism 4. Broken Boundaries: The Politics of Contested Identities in Contemporary Argentine Journalism Part II: Reconsidering Journalistic Norms in the Contemporary Media Landscape 5. Out of Bounds: Professional Norms as Boundary Markers 6. The Final Frontier: Rethinking the Journalistic Practice of Verification 7. The Ethics of Witnessing: Tracing the Borders between Watching and Reporting in Journalistic Designs for Google Glass 8. New Technologies, Emotional Storytelling and the Boundaries of Journalism Part III: Encountering Non-Journalistic Actors in Newsmaking 9. Negotiating the Symbolic Boundaries of Professional Journalism: The Construction of the News Narrative on Multiculturalism in Brussels10. Redrawing Borders from Within: Commenting on News Stories as Boundary Work 11. Open Government, Hacking and Journalism: Exploring the Frontiers of Journalism 12. NGOs as Journalistic Entities: The Possibilities, Problems and Limits of Boundary Crossing


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