Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon: Fundamentals and Application of Spark Assisted Chemical....pdf

Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon: Fundamentals and Application of Spark Assisted Chemical....pdf


Micro-machining is an advanced manufacturing technique of growing importance, and adoption of micro-machining using electrochemical discharges (Micro-ECDM) has increased steadily in recent years. Among the new developments is the recent interest of industry in Micro-ECDM and at least one company (Posalux SA) is now commercializing this new technology. However, the potential of the technology is still not being fully utilized and there is no comprehensive reference book available today covering it. Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon is filling this gap. It is unique in its detailed coverage of all aspects of the Micro-ECDM process, as well as Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving (SACE). As such it covers technologies such as chemical etching, micro-drilling, and other material removal mechanisms, as well as high aspect ratio machining, design and construction of the machining apparatus, and a wide range of applications. The new edition also compares Micro-ECDM and SACE with other micromachining technologies such as laser machining and traditional EDM. ECDM is used for machining of electrically non-conductive materials. Micro-ECDM/SACE is mainly applied to glass and the book focuses on glass, but the authors also present new results on other materials such as ceramics. In addition, techniques to modify material properties for the machining process are explained. The authors discuss machining strategies including the latest developments in micro-texturing of glass micro-channels and reports on developments in controlling and analysis aspects of machining. Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon, Second Edition is a unique reference book for engineers and industrial researchers involved in development, design and using of micromachining, chemical micro-drilling or chemical engraving techniques and equipment. Disciplines include engineering, materials science and life sciences. Industries include the MEMS industry and industries where these techniques are applied such as Medical Devices and Medical Diagnostics. Features: only all-encompassing reference coving Micro-ECDM and SACE available on the market; while adoption and commercialization is increasing the book covers all aspects and a wide range of applications, including applications in the MEMS industry, and Medical Devices and Medical Diagnostics industries; new edition includes expanded sections on comparing Micro-ECDM/SACE with other micromachining technologies - widening the range of potential readership; and authors are undisputed experts in the field with strong ties to industry and other research groups.


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