Universe Unveiled: The Cosmos in My Bubble Bath.pdf

Universe Unveiled: The Cosmos in My Bubble Bath.pdf


The bubbles were swirling all around me, massaging my body. As I luxuriated in this fantastic bath, I gasped realizing that those bubbles carried with them miniature galaxies bringing the entire Cosmos into my bathtub...Alfie is back. And so are George and other characters from the author's previous book Einstein's Enigma or Black Holes in My Bubble Bath. The present book, Universe Unveiled - The Cosmos in My Bubble Bath, can be considered a sequel to the previous one. It is nontechnical and descriptive. The scientific content spanning ancient world models to the most recent mysteries of cosmology is presented through the discussions between Alfie, the enlightened learner, and George, professor of astrophysics. Fantasies, based on these discussions that cover the scientific facts, are created by the magical bubble baths taken by Alfie. Universe Unveiled blends accurate science with philosophy, drama, humour, and fantasy to create an exciting cosmic journey that reads like a novel and educates as it entertains. Pre-publication review: Spurred by a series of mind-bending discoveries, Man's millennial love affair with the stars has now reached fever pitch. No one writing today is better positioned to evoke the romance and beauty of these cosmic discoveries than Vishveshwara. A leading expert in Einstein's relativity theory, he brings a lyrical voice and a poetic sensibility to this joyful task. Universe Unveiled, a unique literary creation, transports readers into believing they can actually hear the music of the spheres. Professor Robert Fuller, Former President, Oberlin College (USA) Author of Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank

Prof. C. V. Vishveshwara is a renowned theoretical physicist, who participated in the golden age of black-hole physics, making pioneering contributions. Also an enthusiastic teacher and Planetarium Director, he has written several popular-level articles, scripts for planetarium shows and has produced documentary movies on science. He's the author of the entertaining popular science book "Einstein's Enigma Or Black Holes in My Bubble Bath".

The Journey begins.- The Astral Guide.- Ancient Times.- Family Circles.- Hven and the Heavens.- The Starry Messenger.- The Fall and the Firmament.- The Familiar Wanderers.- Hidden Worlds.- Life of Stars.- Our Own Galaxy.- The Universe: Expanse and Expansion.- Unveiling the Universe.


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