Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office.pdf

Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office.pdf


This full-color text prepares dental professionals to promptly and proactively recognize and manage medical emergencies that may occur in the dental office. It details how to anticipate potential emergencies and what resources must be on hand to deal effectively with these situations. The book is arranged in eight sections concentrating on topics such as prevention of emergencies through patient evaluation (medical history) and specific types of more common emergencies that practitioners may encounter.

Part One: Prevention 1. Introduction 2. Prevention 3. Preparation 4. Medicolegal Considerations, written by Daniel L. Orrr II, PhD, JD, MD Part Two: Unconsciousness 5. Unconsciousness: General Considerations 6. Vasodepressor Syndrome 7. Postural Hypotension 8. Acute Adrenal Insufficiency 9. Unconsciousness: Differential Diagnosis Part Three: Respiratory Distress 10. Respiratory Distress: General Considerations 11. Airway Obstruction 12. Hyperventilation 13. Asthma 14. Heart Failure and Acute Pulmonary Edema 15. Respiratory Distress: Differential Diagnosis Part Four: Altered Consciousness 16. Altered Consciousness: General Considerations 17. Diabetes Mellitus: Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia 18. Thyroid Gland Dysfunction 19. Cerebrovascular Accident 20. Altered Consciousness: Differential Diagnosis Part Five: Seizures 21. Seizures Part Six: Drug-Related Emergencies 22. Drug-Related Emergencies: Genral Considerations 23. Drug Overdose Reactions 24. Allergy 25. Drug-Related Emergencies: Differential Diagnosis Part Seven: Chest Pain 26. Chest Pain: General Considerations 27. Angina Pectoris 28. Acute Myocardial Infarction 29. Chest Pain: Differential Diagnosis Part Eight: Cardiac Arrest 30. Cardiac Arrest and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 31. Pediatric Considerations Appendix: Quick-Reference Section to Life Threatening Situations


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