Common Information Models for an Open, Analytical and Agile World.pdf

Common Information Models for an Open, Analytical and Agile World.pdf


To successfully deliver complex IT projects and derive the full business value they promise, IT professionals need a deep understanding of the information those projects will use and manage. Too often, however IT treats information as the 'poor stepchild' behind applications and infrastructure: a mere afterthought in project design and delivery. In this real-world practitioner's guide, a team of senior IBM architects show how to use information-centric views to dramatically improve project performance. You'll find proven patterns for simplifying and accelerating IT projects, deepening integration, and using information to drive more value from SOA and Business Process Management (BPM). Throughout, the authors explore real-world patterns of Common Information Management (CIM), characteristics and complexities of service oriented integration (SOI), and crucial linkages with BPM. Previously, each of these paradigms has been understood and applied individually. Now, using actual customer examples and case studies, IBM's experts show how to achieve far better results by integrating them.

1. Introduction Part 1: Introduction to SOA, SOI, CIM and BPM 2. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Service Oriented Integration (SOI) 3. Common Information Model (CIM) 4. Business Process Models and SOI Part 2: CIM Patterns 5. CIM Inherent Patterns and Behavior in SOI 6. Ensuring Flexibility through Variation Analysis 7. Assembling the Business Process models, SOI and CIM 8. The CIM Specific SOI Governance 9. Exploring the Non-Functional Behavior in CIM Compliant SOI Environments Part 3: Industry Trends, Tools and Real World Use Cases 10. Business Value, Standards and Trends 11. IBM Offerings for Business Process Models, CIM and SOI 12. Real World Deployment Studies and Best Practices 13. Conclusions Appendix Glossary Index


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