An Excursion Guide to the Geology of the Canary Islands.pdf

An Excursion Guide to the Geology of the Canary Islands.pdf


The Canary Islands display all the features of oceanic island volcanoes, linked to a volcanic mantle hotspot away from plate boundaries. The features include submarine volcanic sequences uplifted to form the islands, sub-aerial shield volcanoes that are currently active and post-erosional volcanic rocks. As such the islands are a popular destination for field trips and geological excursions. There has been considerable research into the geology of the Canary Islands. Knowledge of Tenerife's geology has developed considerably in the last 10 years, particularly of the Teide volcanic complex, now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites. There has also been much activity associated with the El Hierro submarine eruption which began in 2011. This clearly written and colour illustrated guide provides carefully planned excursions and includes GPS locations. It is essential reading for the many geologists who visit these fascinating islands with the largest volcanoes in Europe. about the authors Professor Juan Carlos Carracedo has studied the Canary Islands for more than 40 years. He was director of the Estacion Volcanologica de Canarias (EVC) until 2011 and is now an emeritus research associate at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Professor Valentin R. Troll is Chair in Petrology and Geochemistry at Uppsala University, Sweden. Dr Sebastian Wiesmaier researches in volcanology at the Ludwigs-Maximilian University Munchen.


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