Kitchen & Bath Products and Materials: Cabinetry, Equipment, Surfaces.pdf

Kitchen & Bath Products and Materials: Cabinetry, Equipment, Surfaces.pdf


Objective guidance on kitchen and bath fitting choice to suit any client and any space Kitchen and Bath Products and Materials describes the typical materials, equipment, and surfaces used in all facets of residential kitchen and bath design. Part of the National Kitchen and Bath Association's Professional Resource Library, this comprehensive reference is fully updated and expanded to include new technologies, materials, and finishes, with considerations of sustainability throughout. Full color illustrations and a revised design help visual learners better absorb the information, and the companion website provides an image bank and instructor's guide for classroom use. Each chapter includes a summary and review questions, allowing readers to test their grasp of the material at every step. Kitchen and bath design is the most popular and lucrative area within residential interior design. As such, the enormous amount of options available for surfaces, fixtures, and materials is far too vast to be navigated by taste and aesthetics alone. Kitchen and Bath Products and Materials provides the background designers need to choose what's best for the client and the space, based on a number of objective factors and technical details. This complete handbook allows readers to: Explore material options for storage systems, fixtures, fittings, and surfaces Become familiar with sizing systems, efficiency ratings, and certifications Consider factors like manufacturing processes, engineering, and configuration Learn the terms and nomenclature used to describe materials, fixtures, and appliances Design is about more than just aesthetics - whether the project is a remodel or new construction, there are codes, standards, and functional requirements that must be met. Kitchen and Bath Products and Materials is a practical reference, providing the information designers need to make informed decisions.

PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS CHAPTER 1 -- The Storage Systems: Cabinetry for the Kitchen, Bathroom and Other Living Areas of the Home Cabinet Types Responsible Resource Management in the Cabinet Industry KCMA Certification Program Cabinet Sizing Systems: Imperial and Metric Cabinet Manufacturing Systems Cabinet Interior Storage Systems Cabinet Mechanical/Functional Hardware Cabinet Sizes Cabinet Core Materials Cabinet Interior and Exterior Finish Materials/Systems Typical Door Styles Cabinet Millwork Design Details Generic Cabinet Nomenclature Summary Review Questions CHAPTER 2 -- Appliance Types and Planning Considerations Selecting More Efficient Appliances EnergyGuide and Energy Star Labels Kitchen Food Preservation Center Kitchen Waste Management The Cooking Center Appliance Checklist Summary Review Questions CHAPTER 3 -- Fixture Materials Definition of Terms Protecting Materials from Bacteria Fixture Construction Summary Review Questions CHAPTER 4 -- Fixture Design and Planning Considerations Kitchen Sink and Bathroom Lavatory Fixtures Toilet Fixtures Bidet Fixtures Residential Urinal Fixtures Bathtub Fixtures Shower Stall Fixtures Bathtub/Shower Combination Unit Fixtures Summary Review Questions CHAPTER 5 -- Fitting Materials, Engineering, and Configuration Construction Materials Planning Considerations When Combining Finishes from Different Manufacturers Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Fitting Engineering Summary Review Questions CHAPTER 6 -- Bathroom, Bathtub, and Shower Fitting Design and Engineering Bathtub Fittings Bathtub/Shower Combination Fittings Shower Fittings Steam Showers and Saunas Summary Review Questions CHAPTER 7 -- Surfacing Materials Solid Wood Counter Surfaces Cast Polymers: Counter Surfaces and Wet Wall Surfaces Ceramic Tile: All Surfaces Concrete Cork Flooring Glass Surfaces Hardwood Flooring Laminates Paint Quartz Composite Solid Surfacing Metal Countertops Stone Vinyl Resilient Flooring Wallpaper Summary Review Questions Appendix A: Generic Cabinet Nomenclature Appendix B: Appliance Checklist GLOSSARY RESOURCES INDEX


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