Urban Agriculture for Growing City Regions: Connecting Urban-rural Spheres in Casablanca.pdf

Urban Agriculture for Growing City Regions: Connecting Urban-rural Spheres in Casablanca.pdf


This book demonstrates how agriculture can play a determining role in sustainable, climate-optimised urban development. Agriculture within urban growth centres today is more than an economic or social left-over or a niche practice. It is instead a complex system that offers multiple potentials for tomorrow's megacities. Urban open space and agriculture can be connected to productive urban landscapes - this forms new urban-rural linkages in the urban region and helps shape the city. But in order to do this, agriculture has to be seen as an integral part of the urban fabric and it has to be put on the local agenda. Urban Agriculture for Growing City Regions takes the example of Casablanca, one of the fastest growing cities in North Africa, to investigate this approach. The creation of synergies between the urban and rural in an emerging megacity is demonstrated through pilot projects, design solutions, and multifunctional modules. These synergies assure greater resource efficiency; particularly regarding the use and reuse of water, and they strengthen regional food security and the social integration of multiple spheres. The book will have a long lasting legacy and is essential reading for researchers, planners, practitioners and policy makers who are working on urban development and urban agricultural strategies.

1. Why are we talking about Agriculture as Part of the City? - Framing a Problem from Life World to Research 2. The Challenge: Grand Casablanca as an Emerging Megacity 3. Understanding the Problems of Grand Casablanca? 4. Problem Solving: Agriculture as an Integrated Element of Urban Development in Grand Casablanca 5. Insights & Reflections - An Impetus towards Urban Research and Action


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