Global Food Security And Supply.pdf

Global Food Security And Supply.pdf


With the global population projected to reach 9 billion by the year 2050, the need for nations to secure food supplies for their populations has never been more pressing. Finding better supply chain solutions is an essential part of achieving a secure and sustainable diet for a rapidly increasing population. We are now in a position, through methods including life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprinting and other tools, to accurately measure and assess our use -- or misuse -- of natural resources, including food. The impact of new technologies and management systems can therefore improve efficiencies and find new ways to reduce waste. Global Food Security and Supply provides robust, succinct information for people who want to understand how the global food system works. The book demonstrates the specific tools available for understanding how food supply works, addresses the challenges facing a secure and safe global food supply, and helps readers to appreciate how these challenges might be overcome. This book is a concise and accessible text that focuses on recent data and findings from a range of international collaborations and studies. The author provides both a snapshot of global food supply and security today, and a projection of where these issues may lead us in the future. This book will therefore be of particular interest to food policy leaders, commercial managers in the food industry, and researchers and students seeking a better understanding of a rapidly evolving topic.

"This book represents an excellent study for postgraduate and doctoral students of business who wish to discover more about the food system and wider sustainability debate. It also provides an informed, clear and understandable guide for anyone who is interested in the security of resources for businesses" Dr Murray Clark, Head of PhD education at Sheffield Business School "The folio of case studies and evidence presented in this book draws on the author's experiences of working with the agricultural and food industries. He directs the reader to make conclusions on many of the security challenges facing us. The debate he establishes in the book is not circular, directing the reader to provide solutions, it is a must read for anyone who wants to understand and contribute to the food security debate" Alan Marson, Managing Director, New Food Innovation Ltd, UK

Dr Wayne Martindale is a research fellow at Sheffield Business School, UK, looking at resource efficiency within the food industry. His research updates and blog can be found at


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