Simulated Patient Methodology: Theory, Evidence And Practice.pdf

Simulated Patient Methodology: Theory, Evidence And Practice.pdf


Contributors Foreword Preface 1 Introduction to simulated patient methodology Debra Nestel and Margaret Bearman Part 1 Foundational Frameworks 2 Scope of contemporary simulated patient methodology Debra Nestel, Tracy Morrison and Shane Pritchard 3 The content and process of simulated patient-based learning activities Jill E. Thistlethwaite and George D. Ridgway 4 Communities of practice and simulated patient methodology Debra Nestel, Jan Joost Rethans and Gayle A. Gliva-McConvey Part 2 Theoretical Perspectives 5 Learning theories and simulated patient methodology Debra Nestel and Margaret Bearman 6 The dramatic arts and simulated patient methodology Cathy M. Smith, Tanya L. Edlington, Richard Lawton and Debra Nestel 7 Simulated interaction and authentic interaction -- a place for conversation analysis? Ged M. Murtagh 8 Simulated patient methodology and the discourses of health professional education Nancy L. McNaughton and Brian Hodges Part 3 Educational Practice 9 Preparation: Developing scenarios and training for role portrayal Debra Nestel, Carol Fleishman and Margaret Bearman 10 Simulated patients as teachers: the role of feedback Debra Nestel, Margaret Bearman and Carol Fleishman 11 Teaching and learning physical examination skills with simulated patients Anna K. Vnuk 12 High stakes assessment Cathy M. Smith, Carol C. O'Byrne and Debra Nestel 13 Simulated patient program management Tanya Tierney, Pam J. Harvey and Elaine E. Gill Part 4 Case Studies: Innovations Across the Health Professions 14 Real patient participation in simulation Rosamund Snow 15 Interprofessional community care: a simulated clinic for healthcare professional learners Pamela J. Taylor, Mollie Burley and Debra Nestel 16 Telephone incognito simulated patients Jan Joost Rethans and Hay Derkx 17 Hybrid simulated patient methodology: managing maternal deterioration Simon JR Cooper and Mary Anne Biro 18 Clinical teaching associates Karen M. Reynolds, Jim Parle and Shirin Irani 19 Advanced nursing practice in aged care: Developing communication and management skills in patients with Alzheimer's disease Jennifer H. Fisher, Jane H. Kass-Wolff, Ernestine Kotthoff-Burrell and Jean M. Youngwerth 20 Skills development in person-centred physiotherapy Felicity C. Blackstock and Shane Pritchard 21 Simulated family and healthcare professionals: consent for organ transplantation Gayle A. Gliva-McConvey Part 5: Conclusion 22 The future of simulated patient methodology Margaret Bearman and Debra Nestel Index


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