The Stock Market Explained: Your Guide to Successful Investing.pdf

The Stock Market Explained: Your Guide to Successful Investing.pdf



Whether you are saving for a particular goal, planning towards retirement or simply maximising your capital, financial guru Alvin Hall helps you to:

Make more informed choices about your investments.

Learn basic analysis techniques to minimize risk and maximize reward.

Understand your own risk tolerance and find an investment style that suits your personality and circumstances.

Investing in the stock market can be a complex business, but with practical examples and clear definitions, Alvin makes it a highly accessible one, regardless of your investment experience.

Providing easy comparisons of the features, benefits, rewards and risks among the different asset classes, this is the ultimate guide to feeling more comfortable (and smarter) about your investment decisions.

Praise for PLAN NOW, RETIRE HAPPY: 'Part of Alvin Hall's indisputable charm is to make the process of making pots of money look simple.' (Daily Mail)

The most popular expert in the business. (Daily Express)

Alvin Hall is the Mr Motivator of the money world. (Daily Telegraph)

Not just a psychologist but a magician too (Evening Standard)

Alvin Hall is an internationally renowned financial educator, television and radio broadcaster, bestselling author, and regular contributor to magazines, newspapers, and websites. For five years on the BBC, he hosted the highly rated and award-winning series, Your Money or Your Life, on which he offered both practical financial and psychological advice to people about how to take control of and fix their financial problems. Hall lives in New York City where he designs and teaches classes about the investment markets for financial services companies, banks, regulatory authorities, as well as information and technology vendors.


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