The Forest and the Field: Changing Theatre in a Changing World.pdf

The Forest and the Field: Changing Theatre in a Changing World.pdf


The Forest and the Field is a polemical thinking-through of the whole concept of theatre as a 'space', and a politically motivated exploration of how, and where, that theatrical space meets the real world that surrounds and suffuses it. The book begins by demolishing the notion of the 'empty space' and drawing careful and suggestive distinctions between 'space' and 'place'. It moves on to consider how the body - of the actor, or of the spectator - is read within the theatrical encounter, and how meaning is created in the turbulent movement of signs between performer and audience. Finally it interrogates the wider relationship between theatre and its 'outside', culminating in an attempt to answer the familiar question of whether theatre can change the world - and, if it can, how it might.

Chris Goode is a writer working in theatre and live performance. He has amassed a significant body of unpredictable work in diverse formats, from large-scale theatre-based projects, one of a series of performances made specifically for audiences' own homes; and script-based pieces. Chris also works as a poet and poetry critic, and as a musician and sound artist. He is increasingly noted for his reading/performances of experimental work by earlier poets and artists, including Kurt Schwitters, Christopher Knowles, Samuel Beckett and Michael Basinski. He is an Associate Researcher at Rose Bruford College and a member of the Advisory Panel to the Archive of the Now.


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