Prototype to Product: A Practical Guide for Getting to Market.pdf

Prototype to Product: A Practical Guide for Getting to Market.pdf


What did Bunnie Huang have to do to make Chumbies appear? What did FitBit have to do to make FitBits appear? This book lifts the curtain on the process of product development, from prototyping to production. Product development is the magic that turns circuitry, software and materials into a product, but the task of efficiently moving from good idea to manufactured product is more dark art than sleight of hand. Author Alan Cohen takes you through each step the process by developing an example product. You'll learn about manufacturing scales from "proto-duction" to low-volume, medium-volume, and high-volume production. Move from prototyping to sample production, and then on to larger scale production Delve into product planning and budgeting Understand how to deal with overseas manufacturing Discover how to source parts

Al is a software and systems engineer/manager and lifelong technophile who's been engaged in developing medical devices and other high-reliability products. His passion is in working with fellow engineers and diverse stakeholders to forge innovative technologies into products that fill a need and that people like to use. He's the author of a successful textbook on computer communications, numerous articles (most recently on the topics of developing home telemonitoring systems and using Android as an OS for medical devices). Al lives with his wife Marian and son Ben in Newton MA.


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