Archaeology: All That Matters.pdf

Archaeology: All That Matters.pdf


When did archaeology - that curiosity with the past evidenced by things in the ground (or under the sea) - begin? Who were the first antiquarians in early modern Europe? How did the chronology for early human beings eventually free itself from the constraints of biblical creationism? How did archaeology become a pseudo-scientific discipline? Who built the first museum? Manley starts by dealing with the processes and techniques used by archaeologists, in the past and today. The then uses the results of famous archaeological studies both to illustrate the power of archaeology, and to show specifically what archaeology has taught us about ancient, and surprisingly recent, history. In an exciting final chapter, Manley wonders how archaeology may adapt over time, exploring how the archaeologists of the future may examine our own era.

John Manley is an archaeologist, historian and social anthropologist. He is best known for discovering a new Roman building near Bishburne Roman Palace in Chichester, and for advancing the theory that the Roman invasion of Britain landed in West Sussex rather than Kent.


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