Building a Medical Vocabulary: With Spanish Translations.pdf

Building a Medical Vocabulary: With Spanish Translations.pdf


The language of medicine is complex, but learning it doesn't have to be. Using a conversational writing style and a logical, programmed approach, Building a Medical Vocabulary with Spanish Translations, 8th Edition starts with common words you hear everyday and adds new root words, prefixes, and suffixes to introduce you to key medical terminology. Additionally, this valuable text comes with a wealth of engaging review tools - such as interactive games, sound files, and Programmed Learning sections - to enhance your understanding of textbook terms and principles, polish your pronunciation skills, and help you get comfortable communicating in the language of health care.

Introductory Chapters: Foundations of Medical Terminology 1. Tools for Building Medical Terms 2. Building Terms with Suffixes 3. Using Prefixes and Anatomic Terms 4. Blood and Other Body Fluids Body Systems 5. Circulatory 6. Respiratory System 7. Digestive System 8. Urinary System 9. Reproductive System (includes material on Reproduction) 10. Musculoskeletal System 11. Nervous System and Psychological Disorders 12. Special Sense Organs of the Peripheral Nervous System NEW! 13. Integumentary System 14. Endocrine System Appendices I: Abbreviations II: Spanish-English Translation of Selected Terms III: Word Parts: Alphabetized Word Parts and Meanings IV: Solutions to Exercises and Self Test Bibliography and Illustration Credits Glossary/Index


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