Basic Portuguese: A Grammar and Workbook.pdf

Basic Portuguese: A Grammar and Workbook.pdf


Basic Portuguese: A Grammar and Workbook comprises an accessible reference grammar and related exercises in a single volume. Twenty units cover the core material which students can expect to encounter in their first year of learning Portuguese. Grammar points are followed by examples and exercises which allow students to reinforce and consolidate their learning. Clearly presented and user-friendly, Basic Portuguese provides readers with a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of Portuguese grammar.

M. Cristina Sousa is Lecturer in Portuguese at the University of Salford, UK.

1. Nouns 2.Articles 3. Numbers, times and dates 4. Subject pronouns and regular verbs 5. Present tense: irregular verbs 6. Interrogatives 7. Negatives 8. Ser and Estar 9. Demonstratives 10. Adjectives and adverbs 11. Comparatives and superlatives 12. Direct object pronouns 13. Indirect object pronouns 14. Reflexive pronouns and verbs 15. Possessive pronouns and adjectives 16. Present perfect tense 17. The preterite tense 18. The imperfect tense 19. The preterite tense vs the imperfect tense 20. The past perfect and the pluperfect tense Key to exercises Bibliography Glossary of grammatical terms Index


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