Enterprise Scrum: An Adaptive Method for Project Success.pdf

Enterprise Scrum: An Adaptive Method for Project Success.pdf


The future of business will be determined by its effectiveness in performing knowledge-based work. Scrum has proven itself in one exceptionally important form of knowledge-based work: software development. Now, Enterprise Scrum is increasingly proving itself in large-scale knowledge work of all kinds: not just software development, but team and multi-team projects and business processes at all levels, including enterprise-wide. In this book, Scrum/agile pioneer Mike Beedle introduces Enterprise Scrum, and demonstrates how to apply it to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity and transparency across your organization. Beedle begins with the big picture, introducing Scrum from the standpoint of knowledge-based decision-makers and process owners. Next, he systematically introduces powerful techniques for applying and scaling Scrum in new environments, both within the enterprise and beyond to clients/customers, service providers, suppliers, and even to SaaS and mobile platforms. Drawing on his extensive "in the trenches" experience, Beedle presents patterns for successfully utilizing Enterprise Scrum, and walks through several start-to-finish case studies -- in software development, marketing, operational strategy, and product development. The techniques he presents in this book are applicable in a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to fashion to finance, and are relevant in any business process where knowledge, creativity, and change come together.

Foreword by Jeff Sutherland Foreword by Jim Coplien Preface Part I Scrum 1. What is Scrum and Why Does It Work? 2. Scrum As a Paradigm Shift for Knowledge-Intensive Work Part II Enterprise Scrum 3. The Transformation Team 4. Executive Education 5. Massive Introduction of Agile/Scrum to Enterprise Training and Education 6. Growing of Agile/Scrum Within the Enterprise and Beyond 7. Scaling SD Operations 8. Agile Architecture 9. PMO Improvement of Enterprise Scrum 10. Strategic Scrum 11. Patterns for Enterprise Scrum Part III Case Studies 12. Software Development 1 13. Software Development 2 14. Marketing 15. Strategy 16. Product Development in Technology 17. Conclusion: An Invitation to the New World of Knowledge Work!


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