The Chemistry and Biological Activities of Clausenamide.pdf

The Chemistry and Biological Activities of Clausenamide.pdf


Overview: Recent Advances in the Study of (-)Clausenamide on Chemistry,
Biological Activities and Mechanism of Action 1
The Synthesis of Clausenamide Family Natural Products and Analogues 14
Pharmacological Activity of Clausenamide as A Chiral Drug 33
Neuroprotection of (-)Clausenamide via Inhibiting Tau Hyperphosphorylation
and Preserving Microtubule Structure 49
Synaptic Pharmacology of Clausenamide 64
Two Forms of Long-term Potentiation Induced by (-)Clausenamide and Rgl 73
The Nootropic Mechanism of (-)Clausenamide 80
Mechanism of (-)Clausenamide Induced Calcium Transient in Primary Culture
of Rat Cortical Neurons 85
(-)Clausenamide Enhances the Synaptic Plasticity through Gasotransmitters 96
Antiapoptotic Effect of (-)Clausenamide and its Mechanisms of Action 107
The Signal Transduction Pathway of (-)Clausenamide on Activation of
Learning and Memory 114
Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism of Clausenamide Enantiomers 119
Metabolic Transformation of Clausenamide 142
Preclinical Safety Evaluation and General Pharmacology of (-)Clausenamide 148
Optical Separation and Quality Research of Clausenamide Enantiomers 157
Abstracts in English and Chinese 173


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