Abc Of Transfer And Retrieval Medicine.pdf

Abc Of Transfer And Retrieval Medicine.pdf


1 Introduction Adam Low and Jonathan Hulme Section 1: Physiology of Transfer Medicine 2 Acceleration, Deceleration and Vibration Mark Sheils and Craig Hore 3 Environmental Exposure and Noise Peter Paal and Matthias Helm 4 Altitude Physiology Yashvi Wimalasena and Catriona Duncan Section 2: Clinical Considerations 5 Resuscitation and Stabilisation Clifford Reid and Karel Habig 6 Patient Packaging and Nursing Care Charlotte Small and Felicity Clark 7 Mode of Transport Andrew J. Cadamy and Terry Martin 8 International Repatriations Bettina Vadera 9 Critical Incidents Joep M. Droogh and Jan G. Zijlstra Section 3: Transfer Equipment 10 Electrical Supply and Batteries Gareth Roberts and Jonathan Hulme 11 Transfer Ventilators and Medical Gas supply Jon Bingham 12 Monitoring Alasdair Corfield and Stephen Hearns 13 Drug Delivery James Cuell and Michael McCabe 14 Near Patient Testing and Imaging Adam Low and Tim Harris 15 Haemorrhage Control and Splinting Amy Hughes and Anne Weaver 16 Stretchers, Incubators and Vacuum Splints Hannah Bawdon and Mathew Ward 17 Personal Protective Equipment Clare Bosanko and Scott Hepburn 18 Communication and Navigation Ian Locke Section 4: Pharmacology of Transfer Medicine 19 Routes of Administration Tim Nutbeam and Rob Fenwick 20 Pre-Hospital Sedation and Analgesia Jonathan Hulme 21 Sedation and Neuromuscular Blockers Emma L. Joynes and Blair Munford 22 Inotropes and Vasopressors Anna Fergusson and Robert Tipping 23 Specialist Pharmacology: Haemostatics and Uterotonics Patrick Morgan and David Lockey Section 5: The Transfer Team 24 Managing and Leading a Transfer Daniel Ellis & Stefan Mazur 25 Teamwork and Communication Carl McQueen and Karl Thies 26 Non-technical Skills and Sources of Error Carl McQueen and Martin Horton 27 Standard Operating Procedures, checklists and documentation Stephen J.M. Sollid and Oddvar Uleberg 28 Audit, Medico-legal and Ethical Aspects of Transfer medicine George Evetts, Stuart Cox and Robert Tipping 29 Training for Transfers Jon Warwick and David Quayle Section 6: Neonatal and Paediatric Transfers 30 Anatomical & Physiological Considerations Sanjay Revanna 31 Neonatal Medical Retrievals Lesley Jackson 32 Pediatric Medical Transfers Samiran Ray & Eithne Polke 33 Paediatric Trauma Retrievals Mary Montgomery 34 Additional Considerations Heather McNeilly and Jo Hegarty Section 7: Specialist Transfers 35 Head and Spinal Injuries Richard Protheroe and Fiona Lecky 36 Burns Thomas Muehlberger, Michael Bueschges, Christian Ottomann 37 Polytrauma & Military Retrievals Damian Keene and Oliver Bartels 38 Obstetrics Transfers Helen Simpson 39 Cardiac Transfers Claire Westrope and Chris Harvey 40 Contagious Patients Russell D. MacDonald 41 Bariatric Patients Zoey Dempsey and Mark Ross 42 Acute Behavioural Disturbances Minh Le Cong 43 Considerations regarding organ donation Anders Aneman and William O'Regan Appendices Adam Low Appendix 1: Framework for radiology interpretation Appendix 2: Framework for interpretation of Arterial blood gases. Appendix 3: Example of a Triage Sieve Appendix 4: Example of a transfer checklist Appendix 5: Example of Equipment inventory Appendix 6: Summary of National Guidelines


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