The Encyclopedia of British Literature: 1660-1789.pdf

The Encyclopedia of British Literature: 1660-1789.pdf


Featuring entries from an international cast of prominent scholars, The Encyclopedia of British Literature 1640--1789 presents a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the poetry, drama, fiction, and literary and cultural criticism produced from the Restoration of the English monarchy to the onset of the French Revolution. Comprises over 340 entries arranged in A-Z format across three fully indexed and cross-referenced volumes Written by an international cast of leading and emerging scholars Represents the most comprehensive resource available for students and scholars of 18 th -century British literature Includes coverage of both canonical and lesser-known authors, as well as entries addressing gender, sexuality, and other topics that have previously been underrepresented in traditional scholarship

Gary H. Day is Principal Lecturer in English at De Montfort University. His books include Re-Reading Leavis: Culture and Literary Criticism (1996), Class (2001), Literary Criticism: A New History (2008), and Modernist Literature 1890-1950 (2010). Jack Lynch is Professor of English at Rutgers University, Newark. His books include The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson (2003) and Deception and Detection in Eighteenth-Century Britain (2008).


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