Mastering Technical Communication Skills: A Student's Handbook.pdf

Mastering Technical Communication Skills: A Student's Handbook.pdf


This handbook provides students with the communication skills they will need to further their careers. It provides self-assessments, a structure for planning, and the skills required for starting a career. The handbook highlights the main issues that have to be taken in consideration when planning a career. More essentially, it provides directions on how to acquire the skills and competences that are needed after completing education at the university.

Prof. Peter Wide gained his PhD and Docent from Linkoping University, Sweden. He has been the deputy vice-chancellor, with a special responsibility towards strategically external relations at Orebro University, Sweden. In 2008, he was on a sabbatical leave. During the leave, he conducted research within the field of artificial human sensing and visited the University of Ottawa, Canada. He is now finalizing a scientific book in the area. He has also been the dean of the Medicine, Technology and Science faculty at Orebro University. Prof. Wide also initiated and is the founder of the research centre Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems at Orebro University and was the first research manager for 6 years. He has been a professor in measurement science since 1999.


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