Art, Anthropology and the Gift.pdf

Art, Anthropology and the Gift.pdf


In recent decades, the dialogue between art and anthropology has been both intense and controversial. Art, Anthropology and the Gift provides a much-needed and comprehensive overview of this dialogue, whilst also exploring the reciprocal nature of the two subjects through practice, theory and politics. Fully engaging with anthropology and art theory, Art, Anthropology and the Gift innovatively argues that art and anthropology don't just share methodologies, but also deeper intellectual, theoretical and even political concerns, inviting scholars and students alike to look at this contentious relationship in a more critical light. One of the central arguments of the book is that the problem of the 'gift' has been central to both anthropological and artistic practice. This very idea connects the different chapters on topics including aesthetics, politics, participation and fieldwork. Each chapter is organized around an introductory case study or example, from which the author draws his theoretical discussion. Accessibly written, this is key reading for scholars and students in both fields.

Roger Sansi is Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London, UK.

1. Introduction: After the Ethnographic Turn 2. Art as Anthropology 3. Traps and Devices 4. Aesthetics and Politics 5. Participation and the Gift 6. Work and Life 7. Fields and Labs 8. Anthropology and Utopia Bibliography Index


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