Kant's 'Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason': A Reader's Guide.pdf

Kant's 'Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason': A Reader's Guide.pdf


Immanuel Kant's Religion within the Boundaries of Mere Reason is a seminal text in modern philosophy, ethics, and the philosophy of religion. It is a complex and challenging work, which students and scholars often find difficult to penetrate. This Reader's Guide provides a 'way in' to the text including: philosophical and historical context; an overview of key themes; section-by-section analysis of the text; a chapter on its reception and influence as a classic text of the Enlightenment; and a guide for further reading. It highlights the most important themes and ideas, clarifies certain opaque features, and examines the junctures in the text that are critical for any philosophical assessment of Kant's argument. Eddis N. Miller offers a sound understanding of Kant's Religion and the tools for students to philosophically assess Kant's overall argument.

Miller's book navigates with impressive clarity the complex terrain of Kant's Religion, providing useful historical context along the way. The commentary itself is informed and reliable, helpfully enhanced by indications of the continuing relevance of many of Kant's central concerns. The result is a very clearly written book that will be unusually useful in many different teaching settings. Gordon E. Michalson, New College of Florida, USA.

Eddis N. Miller is an Assistant Professor in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Pace University, USA.

Preface 1. Context 2. Overview of Themes 3. Reading the Text Prefaces to the First and Second Editions Part I of the Religion Part II of the Religion Part III of the Religion Part IV of the Religion 4. Reception and Influence 5. Guide for Further Reading Bibliography Index


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