R G Collingwood: A Research Companion.pdf

R G Collingwood: A Research Companion.pdf


R G Collingwood is an important twentieth century historian, archaeologist and philosopher whose works are the subject of continued interest, analysis and study. There is an unquestionable need to support this research activity with the provision of a reference guide which is fully up-to-date, informed and authoritative. The Companion will therefore list all primary and secondary material relevant to the study of Collingwood in all his fields of expertise - historical theory, philosophy and archaeology. It will also provide a guide to archive material relevant to his life, together with sources and locations. The resulting volume will provide an essential companion to the understanding of the life and thought of R G Collingwood.

James Connelly is Professor of Politics at the University of Hull, UK. He has co-edited an edition of R G Collingwood's An Essay on Philosophical Method (2005) and published Metaphysics, Method and Politics: The Political Philosophy of R G Collingwood in 2003. Peter Johnson is Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, UK. His publications include R G Collingwood: An Introduction (1998) and the Bloomsbury Reader's Guide to Collingwood's The Idea of History. Stephen Leach is Honorary Fellow at Keele University, UK.

Introduction Calendar of Collingwood's Life, Works and Related Events A Collingwood Family Tree Sources for the Study of Collingwood's Life and Works Bibliography: Primary and Secondary Works The Letters of Collingwood Who's Who Collingwood's Library Literary References in Collingwood


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