Bed Manners: A Vintage Guide to Bedroom Etiquette.pdf

Bed Manners: A Vintage Guide to Bedroom Etiquette.pdf


Ever wanted to know how to avoid horrifying your husband with your nightly routine?

Or avoid incurring the wrath of your wife when creeping home late at night?

First published in the 1930s, the humorous advice in Bed Manners reveals the rules of bedroom etiquette, including whose responsibility it is to investigate strange sounds, how to make morning conversation, and coping with a bedfellow who kicks, snores or steals all the covers. 

Old House author.

How to Use this Book 
Getting Undressed 
In bed 
Getting up 
The Bedroom as Public Lounge 
On Coming Home from Stag Dinners 
The Wife Who Stays Out Late 
Reading in Bed 
Physical Jerks 
In and About the Bathroom 
How to Make Conversation in the Morning 
A Short History of Bed Manners 
Bed Manners on a Friend's Yacht 
Berth Control in the Sleeping Car 
Camp-Bed Manners 
Simple Rules 
Last words


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