Imagine a world where everyone has superpowers. That is, except you. You are the same old turgid, miserable, lonely loser you've always been. 

But when it comes to superpowers, apparently you can indeed have too much of a good thing. With everyone able to destroy tower blocks with a single punch, any minor fracas escalates into a city-leveling combat, and the world is now in ruins as terrorism and war threaten the very survival of the planet.  

What's needed is a return to normality, to devolve back from Superhuman to just human - and there's only one man for the job: down-at-heal, divorced New York plumber, Michael Fisher.

“Surreal and lovely, one of the most beautiful books of the year.”
Warren Ellis

“Imagine a place where everyone has their own unique superpower, and you can tell just from looking at them what that story? Now imagine it done with wit and wonder, and a talking bear, and a bloke who can magic beer out of thin air. Who else but Rob Williams could write it?”
Garth Ennis

“Williams and D’Israeli have a fantasti comconcept on their hands."

“A great first issue... ORDINARY is anything but.”

“ORDINARY is a funny comic... a refreshing twist on the expected.” 

"A great first issue... ORDINARY is anything but.” 

“Funny and original”  Comics Spectrum

“This comic book is like American Splendor  for X-Men.”  

“I really fell in love with this book.”  

‘Ordinary is a truly extraordinary experience from two of the greatest creators in British comics.’ Paul Cornell 

Rob Williams is an immensely talented British comics writer who has worked with virtually every major comics company on both sides of the Atlantic; he is a regular contributor to UK comics stalwart, 2000 AD, and has written everything from Star Wars Tales to Ghostbusters, from characters as diverse as Amazing Spider-Man to Indiana Jones.

The beautifully stylised artwork of much-admired cult favourite D'Israeli has been seen in 2000 AD and steampunk classics Scarlet Traces; he has also done an a stunning comics adaptation of War of the Worlds.



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