Business Communication.pdf

Business Communication.pdf


Effective communication in business and commercial organizations is critical, as organizations have to become more competitive and effective to survive during economic downturn and recovery. This thoroughly revamped new edition summarises basic principles of effective communication and shows how they can be applied in modern organizations. It summarises current evidence and exposes common myths and misunderstandings. The authors demonstrate how effective communication is based upon an effective blend of interpersonal, team and technological factors. Business students everywhere will benefit from studying this book to help develop understanding of models and approaches to business communication. With helpful pedagogical features designed to aid international students, this new edition of a popular text will continue to aid students for years to come.

Peter Hartley is National Teaching Fellow and Professor of Education Development at the University of Bradford, UK Peter Chatterton is Managing Director of Daedalus e-World and Visiting Professor of Enhancement of Learning & Teaching at the University of Hertfordshire, UK

Introduction 1. Analyzing Communication 2. Communication Codes and Meaning 3. Communication and Context 4. Business Writing in the Age of New Media: Planning and Organizing 5. Effective Writing Style 6. Effective Design and Visual Aids 7. Effective Business Documents: Print, Screen and Online 8. Effective Interpersonal Communication: Defining Interpersonal Skills in an Information Age 9. Interpersonal Skills in Action: Communicating Face-to-Face 10. Presentations and Meetings: Physical, Virtual and Hybrid 11. Building Effective Teams 12. Communication and Learning 13. Communication and Organizational Change: Major Principles 14. Making Communication Work: Comments and Case Studies from Practitioners 15. Looking to the Future


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