Elsevier Adaptive Learning for Quick & Easy Medical Terminology.pdf

Elsevier Adaptive Learning for Quick & Easy Medical Terminology.pdf



Corresponding chapter-by-chapter to Quick & Easy Medical Terminology, 7e, Elsevier Adaptive Learning combines the power of brain science with sophisticated, patented Cerego algorithms to help you learn faster and remember longer. It's fun; it's engaging; and it's constantly tracking your performance and adapting to deliver content precisely when it's needed to ensure core information is transformed into lasting knowledge.

An individual study schedule
reduces cognitive workload and helps you become a more effective learner by automatically guiding the learning and review process.
The mobile app offers a seamless learning experience between your smartphone and the web with your memory profile maintained and managed in the cloud.
UNIQUE! Your memory strength is profiled at the course, chapter, and item level to identify personal learning and forgetting patterns.
UNIQUE! Material is re-presented just before you would naturally forget it to counteract memory decay.
A personalized learning pathway is established based on your learning profile, memory map, and time required to demonstrate information mastery.
The comprehensive student dashboard allows you to view your personal learning progress.


Part One: The Basics Simplified Medical Language Suffixes and Combining Forms Made Easy Essential Prefixes and More Diagnostic Procedures and Therapeutic Interventions The Body as a Whole

Part Two: Body Systems- Musculoskeletal System Circulatory System Respiratory System Digestive System Urinary System  Reproductive System Integumentary System Nervous System and Psychologic Disorders Special Senses NEW!  Endocrine System 

Part 3: Appendixes

I. Medical Abbreviations

A. Chapter Abbreviations

B. Writing Medical Abbreviations

II. Word Parts

A. Meanings of Word Parts

B. English Terms and Corresponding Word Parts

III. Answers to Exercises


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