Observational Skills for Effective Teaching.pdf

Observational Skills for Effective Teaching.pdf


Thoroughly updated for the new era of Common Core Standards, this seventh edition of Observational Skills for Effective Teaching is vital in this time of educational change. It offers a detailed, yet easily accessible, handbook for teachers to prepare for and design their first classroom experiences. Updated with the newest research on effective teaching and learning, the book cogently introduces such topics as learning climate, classroom management, and lesson clarity with the newest findings that lead to desirable cognitive, social, and emotional outcomes in learners.

Gary D. Borich is Professor of Educational Psychology and a Cissy McDaniel Parker Endowed Fellow in the College of Education at the University of Texas-Austin. Dr. Borich's other books include The Appraisal of Teaching and Teacher Behavior and Pupil Self Concept.

Contents Preface Chapter 1 Why Observe? Chapter 2 Lenses for Observing Chapter 3 Making Classroom Visits Chapter 4 Seeing beyond Personal Experiences and Expectations: Learning to Observe Systematically Chapter 5 Considering the Learning Climate Chapter 6 Focusing on Classroom Management Chapter 7 Looking for Lesson Clarity Chapter 8 Verifying Instructional Variety Chapter 9 Observing Task Orientation Chapter 10 Examining Engagement in the Learning Process Chapter 11 Measuring Student Success Chapter 12 Looking for Higher Thought Processes and Performance Outcomes Appendix A How to Determine Percentage of Observer Agreement for a Counting Observation System Appendix B Instruments Glossary References Index


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