The Just Society: A Manifesto for Labour.pdf

The Just Society: A Manifesto for Labour.pdf


The Just Society presents a series of essays that offer a bold prescriptive for the next Labour government predicated on a combative argument for economic and social change in British society. Advances an argument for regulating a 21st-century market economy and ordering market outcomes based upon ethical socialist principles Offers a direct challenge to the Coalition's politics of austerity and outlines specific policy proposals for demand-led, long-term economic growth Critiques Localism and the 'Big Society' as little more than a contemporary form of neo-liberalism designed to jettison the Labour-built social democratic state Argues for the necessity of the social democratic state to provide essential public goods and services which endow British citizens with freedom and security Outlines a series of radical proposals on taxation, social services, civil liberties, the environment, Britain's role in the world, and more

Matt Beech is Senior Lecturer in Politics and Director of the Centre for British Politics, School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies, University of Hull, UK.


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