How Knowledge Transfer Started Technology Revolutions.pdf

How Knowledge Transfer Started Technology Revolutions.pdf


Here, Beatrice Bressan brings together a number of outstanding examples of successful cross–disciplinary tech transfer which dramatically impacted scientific progress. Many of these were developed at CERN, a hotbed of fundamental inventions in physics frequently resulting in breakthrough applications in the worlds of IT, consumer electronics and material sciences. In addition, separate sections of the book deal with how tech transfer is managed and the economic aspects. While each chapter has been drafted by an expert in the field, the editor has carefully re–written the whole book, ensuring easy reading in a homogenous style. A must–have for policy makers, technology companies, investors, strategic planners in research and technology, as well as attractive reading for the research community.

Beatrice Bressan is responsible for the outreach of the TOTEM experiment at CERN, the European laboratory for particle physics in Geneva, and is also a science writer. She has more than ten years of experience in the field of scientific and technological communication with extensive experience in journalism, media publishing and public relations. She is a Member of the European Union of Science Journalists′ Associations (EUSJA). After her a degree in mathematical physics (La Sapienza University, Rome) and a master in science communication (ISAS, International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste), she completed a Ph.D. research and carried out a postdoctoral fellowship on knowledge management and knowledge transfer for the Department of Physical Sciences at Helsinki University within the research programs at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research, Geneva). She has worked within the Technology Transfer group at CERN, taking care of the production of promotional material, at SIB (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics) as Head of Communications, and at the Department of Physics at Geneva University, being responsible for their communications. Through her work, she aims at giving a better understanding of complex scientific and technological topics for politicians, industrialists and the general public.

Contents Preface Introduction Part I Knowledge & Technology Transfer in an Organization (B. Bressan) I.1 Management of knowledge I.2 Technology exchange models I.3 Beyond scientific investigation I.4 Sustainability and data preservation Part II Examples of Technology and Knowledge Transfer Chapter 1 Information Technology 1.1 Grid and WWW 1.2 Networks emulators 1.3 The `soft touch? revolution Chapter 2: Improving industrial processes 2.1 Thin film coatings 2.2 Titanium for polishing 2.3 Chemistry towards printed circuit boards Chapter 3 Energy for Environment 3.1 Cost effective energy 3.2 Ultra–high vacuum to Sun 3.3 Energy amplifiers Part III Economic Aspects of Technology and Knowledge Transfer (S. Arvanitis) III.1 Science and business III.2 Forms, motives and obstacles III.3 Impact on innovation III.4 Performances at the firm level Acknowledge to the contributors (CVs in alphabetical order)


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