Manufacturing the Future.pdf

Manufacturing the Future.pdf


3D printing is changing the world; this book explains how every business can benefit 3D printing has positively impacted every company that delivers a physical product. It compresses the production process of concept models from weeks or months to hours, enabling innovators to rapidly prove the idea; prototype a product; test for form, fit and function; and produce the end product or part. Now Avi Reichental, CEO of one of the world's leading 3D printer manufacturers chronicles the fascinating pioneering days of the 3D industry and explains how businesses can dramatically accelerate the speed of innovation and transform how we develop and deliver new products. Recounts the early battles between the pioneers of 3D printing and the technologists and companies who wanted to keep 3D printing a secret for their own gain Explains how 3D printing is being used in education, communications, aerospace and defense systems, and even healthcare applications Offers practical advice for entrepreneurs and enterprises who want to challenge the status quo both technologically and a business model With this book, you will discover the advantages of 3D printing and learn how this revolutionary process will enable us to re-localize manufacturing, improve myriad healthcare outcomes--and literally change everything.


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