Art Rules! : How to Think like a Modern Artist.pdf

Art Rules! : How to Think like a Modern Artist.pdf


Make art as modern artists do! A quirky collection of games and techniques inspired by modern art to encourage the creative impulse, from the creators of Mind Games and Psychobox.

     It is one of the great liberating ideas of modern art that everyone is a creative being capable of making art. But all too often a mechanical education stifles the creative impulse, induces anxiety, and represses the imagination. Making art is a form of play with techniques, rules, and strategies--and everyone can play! Art Rules! (And How to Break Them) liberates you to make art as modern artists do. You learn from the inside how modern art works and how to look at it, creatively, with new eyes. This box set answers the questions "what is modern art?" and "how does it work?" It is an education and an inspiration. There is nothing like it.

Author Bio: MEL GOODING is the editor of Mind Games, Psychobox, and Surrealist Games and coeditor of A Book of Surrealist Games and The Playful Eye.


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