Britain from Above: A View of Britain from the Past to Present.pdf

Britain from Above: A View of Britain from the Past to Present.pdf


A stunning collection of aerial photography from high above the British Isles, offering a unique insight into the evolution of photography, mapping and the nation. This beautiful volume of striking colour images from over 150 years, with accompanying descriptive text, offers a history of aerial photography that has always been about more than just aesthetic value. Aerial photography has been practised for as long as man has been airborne. Techniques have changed since photographers leant out of the first hot air balloons, as have the subjects - from photographing 19th century rural Britain, to detailing the Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad in 2012. Each chapter details a region of Britain, highlighting key social, cultural and technological changes over the years. Grainy images and cracked screens have given way to high resolution detail. Over 100 featured subjects include: * the natural beauty of the British landscape from Snowdon to Easdale to the Needles * contemporary views from The Shard in London to Cardiff Arms Park to Belfast's Wish * historic monuments from Buckingham Palace to Stonehenge to Caerphilly Castle

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