Core Java for the Impatient.pdf

Core Java for the Impatient.pdf


Java is now nearly 20 years old, and Cay Horstmann's classic two-volume Core Java book covers the language and all core libraries in meticulous detail. But what if you just need to get started with modern Java? With Java 8, many old Java idioms are no longer required, and there's a faster, easier pathway for learning the language and libraries. In Core Java for the Impatient, Horstmann quickly cuts to the chase. Given the size of the Java language and the scope of Java 8's new features, there's plenty of material to cover in this 600-page book...but it's presented in small chunks organized for quick access and easy understanding. Horstmann covers everything modern developers need to know about Java 8, including: * How to make the most of Java 8's powerful, eagerly-anticipated Lambda expressions * Fresh coverage of concurrent programming: using Java 8's powerful streams library instead of tedious and error-prone manual locking * Up-to-date coverage of new libraries like Date and Time Most modern Java programmers don't write a lot of desktop user interface code with Java, so this guide skips that -- leaving more space for coverage that will be especially valuable for server-side or Android programmers.


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